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UMDOLL | Gianna - 5ft4(162cm) Hot Midium Breast Sex Doll (Silicone Doll)

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UMdoll silicone dolls are different from traditional silicone dolls. She is not only not stiff, but also more soft than TPE, weight is also lighter, overcoming all the shortcomings of traditional silicone dolls. Undoubtedly, UMdoll is the perfect sex doll selection, or our best partner.

Gianna's Story

Gianna is so sexy. You first met her on the beach. She was lying around enjoying the wonderful sunshine. She is so sexy that she attracts everyone's attention. The most noticeable thing about Gianna is not her looks. Instead, it was her great body. Unlike the typical slim girl, she was so voluptuous, with huge breast and hips and a rounded waist, all of which contributed to her wonderful figure. Gianna felt a little annoyed because she couldn't relax on the beach, there were too many people around, so she tried to go to the lounge for some peace and quiet. But you sneak in with her. She was a little surprised to see you, but more surprisingly, she started talking to you and your story began.

Feature of Head 

  • Implant eyebrow
  • Implant eyelash
  • Active eyeball
  • Spray makeup

Feature of Brest&Vaginal 

  • Silicone-Gel Filled Breast. 
  • Simulation of human vaginal and anus

Natural, elastic, real touch and extremely soft, even  better than real breasts.

Feature of skeleton 

  • Hinged metal alloy yoga skeleton
  • More joints, you can put more postures
  • More flexible and not stiff
  • Unlock more sex postures

Feature of Body

  • Simulation of human body blood vessels
  • Simulation of human skin makeup


Product Specifics

  • Ultra Realistic 100% Silicone Sex Doll with Huge Breasts
  • Vaginal and Anal sex capability
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints
  • Product gifts: Cleaning tools, combs, gloves, wig, sexy lingerie
     Height Bust Waist Hips Arm Length
    4ft10(148cm) 2ft5(74cm) 1ft9(53cm) 2ft7(78cm) 1ft10(56cm)
    5ft3(160cm) 2ft8(81cm) 1ft9(52cm) 2ft10(87cm) 2ft1(64cm)
    5ft4(162cm) 3ft2(96cm) 2ft1(61cm) 3ft3(99cm) 2ft3(67cm)
    5ft4(163cm) 2ft9(83cm) 1ft9(53cm) 3ft1(92cm) 2ft1(63cm)
    5ft5(165cm) 2ft6(75cm) 1ft8(50cm) 2ft8(80cm) 2ft1(64cm)

    Height Feet Length Net weight Gross weight
    4ft10(148cm) 7.87in(20cm) 61.72lbs/28kg 74.95lbs/34kg
    5ft3(160cm) 8.66in(22cm) 81.57lbs/37kg 97lbs/44kg
    5ft4(162cm) 8.26in(21cm) 99.2lbs/45kg 112.4lbs/51kg
    5ft4(163cm) 8.26in(21cm) 79.4lbs/36kg