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Lucky Wheel

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100% Winning Lucky Spinner


Enter the home page of the website or the Lucky Wheel page, and the lucky draw roulette will pop up. Enter your email address to spin the wheel. Then randomly get a promo code. The roulette is only displayed once a day. If you forget to draw a lottery today, you can come back the next day.


When purchasing dolls, discount codes can be used on the shopping cart and checkout pages. The gift discount is only valid when the doll is purchased, and the gift is not sent separately.

Award Probability:

All 15% Off: 3% chance of winning
8% Off + A TPE Head: 10% chance of winning
All 10% Off: 40% chance of winning
All  17% OFF: 17% chance of winning
Beer Special 15% Off: 10% chance of winning
Katniss Special 15% Off: 10% chance of winning
Buy 1 Get 1 35% Off: 10% chance of winning

Remarks: After getting the "5% Off + A TPE Head" discount coupon, you can contact customer service to choose the head, otherwise it will be sent randomly.