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Affiliate Program

Start making money by promoting our one of the best adult affiliate programs online!

Why our affiliate program?

  1. Industry higher than average commission available: up to 10% per sale (or higher for outstanding performers each month*).
  2. Good quality products on both TPE and Silicone sides which are backed by our real customers and often with the best prices offered in the market 
  3. Free standard shipping with all orders, that means higher sales conversion potential for you.
  4. Superb 7x24 around the clock customer service which ensure best pre-sale or after-sale experience for our customers (that means lesser refund/returned rates which may put your effort in vain).  
  5. Largest sex dolls supply chain alliance:  With the world's largest sex doll factories and suppliers alliance, we can manufacture/supply any type of dolls in the market literally.
  6. Local warehouses facilities in the U.S. and in Europe which ensure fast and secure delivery to our customers.   
  7. Dedicated affiliate manager with many educational/promotional materials which can help you succeed online. 
Already convinced? If you've an adult website or a community you're welcome to be our partners. Just click the link here to register a free account. (Note: you must accept our terms and conditions and must be at least 18 years of age.)


Who's eligible to register?

If you're a sex blogger (influencer), adult contents creators or just an adult webmaster tries to make some money online (you must be at least 18 years old though) then you're eligible to register for our affiliate program. Click here to sign up now

How much you can make?

You can make up to 10% commission per successful sales you make through with your affiliate link. To better show you how much you can make, let's see some quick examples for your reference:

Example #1:

On one month affiliate Tony generates 30, 000 visitors to our website. Of those 30,000 visitors, 30 people buy our products of an average price $ 1000 each order, so Tony successfully generates a total of $ 3, 000 in sales and 10% of sales commission, which means that he makes $300 on that month.

Example #2:

Affiliate Susie has a closely match sex blog theme, and it has around 10k visits per month. She decided put up our banners on her blog, and she successfully converts 20 customers with the average order value of $1000 and hence she makes a total commission of $1000 x 20 x 0.1 =  $2000! 

The above are just some examples to show you how much you can make but if you can generate more traffic to our site, it will be higher earnings potential*.


(Disclaimer: The above example figures are NOT typical, how much money you can make it all depends on how much effort you put into our affiliate program. We have many materials to help you succeed but if you don't do the work, no one can help you.)