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🔥Black Friday Sale 2023🔥

🔥Black Friday Sale 2023🔥

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Big 15% OFF Only for Dolls Priced Under $1,000

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Free 2nd Head (Save $300), Free Standing Feet (Save $50), Free Jelly Breast (Save $50) – Saved $400 in total !


First 100 Buyers Enjoy One Free Head (Save $500), First 30 Buyers Enjoy Free Auto Clamp & Suction (Save $150), Free Implanted Synthetic Hair (Save $100), Free Articulated Fingers (Save $100), Free Realistic Body Painting (Save $100), Free Full Movable Eyes With Veins (Save $50), Free Gel Breast and Gel Butt (Save $150), Free Hard Feet For Silicone Doll (Save $100), Free Wig and Hook (Save $50) – Saved $1300 in total!

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