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Want to Try Out Some "Lady Feel" Sex Dolls?

Mar 03,2022 | SEX DOLL CENTER

While the word “lady” may not be well fit into sex doll, but many men like ladies in the real life, especially come to their girlfriends and wives. 

In today's post, we will introduce 5 most lady-like dolls in our collection so that you can pick one and bring her home today. 

Elu - shy, classy lady

Elu is a shy and classy girl. She only shows her body to someone she loves. Her body measurement is also very good, from 27.95"/19.69"/30.31", 4 ft. 7 in height  to 35.43"/20.87"/40.16" , 5 ft.7 in height, she definetly will be your perfect companion. 


Manuela - Adorable Stylish Lady

Manuela is a stylish beauty. She likes to open up to her darling only at night but she moans so loud that got her neighbor complains everytime when she is in deep action with her boyfriend. But she dresses up a fine lady during day time. May be she is just a naughty girl, after all?

Here is her measurement for some of you who are curious: 

30.7" /22.04" / 32.67", height: 5 ft. 4

Selena - The Girl Next Door 

Selena is your girl next door. She is outgoing, active and pretty. She likes horse riding, cycling and pretty much riding on something, (clues, clues, clues, guys). Her body's measurment is also very nice, from 27.95"/19.69"/30.31" (4 ft. 7) to 33"/20"/35" (5 ft. 7), her body shape is perfect in porportion and loves to hang out with guys that are self-confident.  Will it be you? I hope you're. 


Selena is waiting for you to pick her home. For black friday and cyber week, you can get 6% off, get it now before it is gone!

Feel Like Some Asian Girls?

Reiko - Little Cute Japanese Girl

Reiko is a cute litte with only 4 ft. 10 in height, but she is a brave girl that always express what she thinks and especially when she meets a guy that interests her, she will “take the charge" and "get him caught".


Kaito - Big Boobs Lady

Kaito is very femine like Japanese sex doll because she has a good figure and pretty looking face! With different measurements and heights, she's got very perfect shape, and I think every man will like her very much. Here is the screen shoot of her:

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