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Unlock the silicone doll

Nov 26,2022 | SEX DOLL CENTER

Having a silicone doll with extreme fidelity is a great thing for a lot of special people. Men who are single or pregnant with a wife can try to buy this product and also meet their daily physical needs.

The main reason these people buy such products is that today's silicon sex dummy are greatly emulated. Not only does the skin look very realistic, but the metal mechanical skeleton inside is also flexible and can unlock all kinds of difficult movements.

​Thus, can silicone dolls perform all kinds of difficult positions?

This is some of the baby owners more concerned about this issue.

After all, some people have different needs at special times. Therefore, silica gel dolls also meet certain needs of people in various positioning aspects.

According to experts, such products can undoubtedly be posed in various positions, but such positions should be within the range of our normal human body. If we make some unreasonable posture or bending, which is considerably more than the Angle that real people can bear, then the silicone doll is estimated to be unable to do, it is likely to appear deformed or make the skin surface tension.

This is a really serious problem and should be avoided as much as possible.

I'm sure everyone has some kind of knowledge and speculation about whether the 3ft sex doll can be posed. At the same time, they also need to keep abreast of the cleaning and maintenance of such silicone dolls. After all, your silicone dolls will still be used in the future, so in any case, please cherish them and don't pose too bent.

Real quality, it is also extremely convenient to store, directly put in the suitcase, the skin feeling is extremely real. It also looks extremely real, buy a doll to talk to me at ordinary times, but also let me relax.

The doll is extremely lovely, the first sight of the head eagle has to say, the head eagle is incredible, and did not let me down, all kinds of styles change to play, truly do not have a flavor!

The whole rental is my own, ha, with her to the bed sofa, kitchen bathroom, a variety of positions to switch, but only every week and her to do, normally still have to rely on ancestral skills.​

The quality is excellent, the workmanship is fine, there are no flaws, the price is extremely inexpensive, especially excellent, the confidentiality is extremely excellent, the business is extremely intimate!!3