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Clean Sex Doll with Oil

Dec 21,2022 | Sex Doll Center

Washing TPE dolls with mineral oil is the most effective way to remove stains and odors. If you just bought a love doll, this article might interest you.

Regular maintenance

Dust, fibers from clothing, lice, moths, and more, a myriad of things can build up on a doll's skin. The moth leaves some powder on its skin. Small synthetic fibers stuck to the doll's skin for three months also leave a small stain. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important for your love doll.

Thorough cleaning

If your doll's body is dirty, some of the dirt will seep into your doll's body. Cleaning with mineral oil is the most effective method.

Required materials

  1. the purest and most neutral paraffin oil, which can be bought in pharmacies;
  2. 30cm x 30cm white microfiber towels available in supermarkets or online;
  3. The blanket that comes with the blowup doll, or you can find a white blanket in the supermarket;
  4. A desk to lay down your dolls and be able to work comfortably;
  5. plastic bottle.

Use of oil

1. Put the blanket on the table and let your doll lie on the table.
2. Moisten your microfibers with an oil can and spray on the areas you want to clean.
3. Do not hesitate to lubricate the area generously with oil.
4. Don't let the oil get absorbed, use it to brush and collect dirt.
5. Collect dirt from neck to shoulders, then work on arms. Slowly start with your fingertips and work your way up to your shoulders.
6. Wipe the doll's skin as much as necessary, the dirt will only show when you wipe it 7. accumulation. Be sure to keep the friction points lubricated at all times. If there is excess oil, wipe it off.
7. Turn her around and wash her back and buttocks in the same way.
8. Then give your inflatable doll a good bath. The pressure of water and soap will easily dislodge built-up grime.

Sex & Sex Doll knowledge by Sex Doll Center (2022.12.21)