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158CM top matching wax grade silicone doll experience sharing

Jan 03,2023 | Sex Doll Center

gene: The baby material feels extremely pleasant, close to the real skin, the focus is pleasant, can be a variety of posture activities have no impact, the function is extremely comprehensive soft touch, feels extremely excellent. ultra realistic sex doll is extremely attractive, excellent quality, fine workmanship and a vivid image. It feels great. ​Actually great value for money, excellent detail. I feel that the real thing is more three-dimensional and lovely than the picture. The material is extremely fine, has no smell, delicate features and white skin. It looks like the real thing. The appearance looks extremely textured, feels actually good is extremely soft, the sense of luxury is extremely strong, the material workmanship is relatively excellent, smells a bit light fragrance, the size is extremely suitable, there is a skeleton of the entity doll is not the same, you can put any posture! Admire it.

ives: I think it's OK, sex doll under 500, I used it once yesterday, extra lube, played for about 20 minutes, it was great, I actually love the tight feeling, it was extremely relaxed, with the lube fully moistened it was extremely feeling, tight, full, just like the customer service description, oh, it satisfied me a lot. You can do a lot of things. The amplitude of joint rotation is OK, you can pose a variety of positions, and the tightness below is also excellent. It is pleasant to use. Wearing decent clothes is the same as the real ones, especially the real feeling.

​Alan: The appearance is exquisite, and the passage inside is designed to be extremely real, even the grain bumps can be felt. The material is also extremely pleasant, the hand and foot details are exquisite and in place, the imitation degree of the head and five features, and the proportion of the figure are extremely excellent. Received their own dress up is extremely sexy and lovely, the price is highly worth it, satisfied.

andre: Feel closer to the real skin, solid inside the skeleton, the baby's skin color is glossy and delicate, extremely high simulation skin, truly lovely experience simply can't stop, extremely real feeling, and the body can move, all kinds of angles can do a lot of posture can do, some real people can essentially do.

baldwin: The doll is pleasant to hold, it's not heavy, the veins and veins all over it look like a real person, the skin texture is extremely real, the facial details are extremely normal, especially the hair transplant, you can weave the hair you want, the doll's face is extremely detailed and lovely, the eyes are vivid, the makeup is lovely, the limbs are movable, the figure is exactly what I want. I love it.